The designated driver but still want to drink?

If you want to be the designated driver and still be able to drink, A Night Out is the game for you. This of course means in the game, I do not encourage drinking and driving!

That said we have 6 different playable characters in A Night Out:

  • College student
  • Casual drinker
  • Party animal
  • Freeloader
  • Wine taster
  • Designated driver

These all have special characteristics and/or special skills. To work towards your goal of winning the game (gathering 5 drinks and finding your way home) your character will have a big influence.

For example if you are the college student only alcoholic drinks count towards your total of 5 needed to win the game. Check out the video for more details and an explanation for each character.

To make it easier for you to remember there is a cheat card for everyone who holds all character descriptions.

Want to know which character you are, want to play the quiz again, or interested in buying a game? Click below!