It’s time for some action!

Ready, set, action. Today I’m going to talk about too many drinks and one night stands which are all action cards in the game.

The action card pile will be face down on the table. On the backside you will see 4 symbols:

  • Play button
  • Pause button
  • House symbol
  • House with an X inside

The play button is pretty straight forward. When you grab one of these, play them instantly.

A card with a pause button you may keep in your hand. During your turn you can play 2 action cards, so in some cases it might be useful to collect a few of these to create great combos!

The house symbol represents a going home card. You will need 1 of these together with 5 drinks to win the game.

The house symbol with an X in it has a negative effect. For example your bike gets stolen. If you have the going home card called a bike you can’t use it anymore.

How to get rid of these cards? Use a moment of clarity! Everyone gets 1 of these cards at the beginning of the game and it works like a joker. They can be played whenever you want, it doesn’t even need to be your turn. You can discard any drink, action, or token card on the table. Even if someone challenges you for let’s say a dance battle you can use it to stop the dance battle

Tip: these cards can negate each other so stacking them helps!

Next up will be the drinking rules, stay tuned!