Duelspell review

‘The game of wizards’ by Joe Jose

Through a magical connection called ‘the internet’ fellow game designer called Joe Jose reached out looking for help: he was looking for wizards to duel!
Luckily for him I just passed wizard school and was looking for a new challenge.
Joe send me the print and play version of Duelspell and after a few hours of arts and crafts the game was ready!

The box design

The card design

Let's start!

The design

The box of the game is big enough to hold all of the cards and manual.
And who doesn’t love the wizard theme?
The card design is nicely done, big cards that are easy to hold.
The cards are divided in spells, helpers and the duel area.
Both of the spells and helper cards are clearly marked on both sides which makes them easy to recognize.

The gameplay

A day passed, in the evening I’ve met more wizards eager to duel.
We took out the game rules and studied them (after graduating I thought I was done with homework).
The game-setup was clearly marked with pictures, how and where to place all cards.

The rules where, in hindsight, not that hard at all.
We weren’t used to use the alphabet as measurement system instead of numbers (for someone who just graduated wizard school I need more lessons in algebra).

The goal of the game is to beat the other wizard in a duel over life and death and throw them into oblivion!
Sounds like a normal Friday evening to me.

Every round is divided in 4 turns. Each turn you get to play more cards while you switch between spell and helper cards. The one who loses the round is one step closer to be thrown into oblivion…
You could win the round by matching the same cards, matching the same colors and organizing the cards in alphabetical order!

You’re one step away from being throw into oblivion… what should you do?
The answer is easy: win a round with a nitro card!
We called the nitro card a ‘joker’ because it can be a spell or helper card of your choice!
Bonus: if you win while playing a nitro card you move 1 step back in the dual area!

Round 1!

The blue wizard wins the round!

Next round!

How Ferry Nice is this game?

Duelspell is exactly what is says on the box ‘a unique stand-alone card game for serious gamers!’.
It’s a tactical but fun game to play for 2 wizards. Every round lasts around 20 to 30 minutes.
I’ll bring this game to 

the table more often as a fun filler!
Players: 2
Playing time: 20/30 minutes
Complexity rating: 2/5
Fun factor: 3/5
Overall score: 5/5

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