Do you like to have fun, dance and laugh with friends?
Then let’s go for A Night Out!

You could end up at a festival or pub crawl, be the party animal or the designated driver.
Whatever and wherever you’ll end up: a great night is guaranteed!

A Night Out is a quick and fun card game that takes around 45 minutes each round and can be played right in your living room!

Your friends and you choose the place to party.
A festival, pub crawl or any of the 5 locations.

Next you will get your player quality.
Are you going to be the party animal, the designated driver or someone else?
There will be 6 characters all with unique abilities!

The goal of the game is to gather 5 drinks that can be bought with tokens.
Don’t forget to find a way home!
Is the taxi going to pick you up or will it be a one night stand?

Our Kickstarter was a great success and A Night Out is now available in our shop!

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